RealityVision with Bundled Push-to-Talk
RealityVision with Bundled Push-to-Talk

RealityVision with Bundled Push-to-Talk

At Reality Mobile®, we’re committed to providing industry customers with open, flexible options for their mobile video and collaboration requirements.  As more users migrate to smart phones and tablets, our patented technologies extend users’ ability to share rich media and other information with each other in real-time. We now offer a bundled Push-to-Talk (PTT) option for Android and iOS users supporting a seamless visual and audio experience.

Bundled Push-to-Talk (PTT) audio

  • At the industry customer’s option, Android and iOS users can have secure PTT audio conversations with each other while viewing and sharing available video sources. 
  • The bundled PTT is based on the SIP open standard, giving the customer flexibility to select its own third-party SIP server to manage the voice traffic.  This is an important hallmark in the evolution of the RealityVision platform as it firmly establishes a foundation for additional layers of powerful, complementary capabilities.  Please contact us for additional details on supported third-party servers. 
  • Administrators can define RealityVision user access to audio channels.

PTT on iPad – RealityVision Home PagePTT on iPad – RealityVision Home Page

PTT on iPhone – RealityVision Home PagePTT on iPhone® – RealityVision Home Page