Reality Mobile in the News
Reality Mobile in the News

Reality Mobile in the News

Monday, 08/03/2015

RealityVision® Successful Proof of Concept at Protrack Rhino Task Team in South Africa

(Johannesburg, South Africa – August 3, 2015) Reality Mobile –privately held- is pleased to announce that its leading mobile video collaboration software was used successfully by Protrack in a recent Proof of Concept providing GPS tracking and real time video transmissions from mobile devices.

Tuesday, 08/12/2014

Reality Mobile and TSN Partnership Launch RealityVision 3.3

Reality Mobile privately held – is pleased to announce the release of

Monday, 08/11/2014

Reality Mobile Launches RealityVision in the Cloud - Small Business Edition

We are pleased to announce the release of RealityVision in the Cloud - Small Business Edition in the AWS Marketplace. We have designed a RealityVision software platform that can be quickly deploy the capabilities of our low bandwidth video collaboration application for up to ten (10) clients. A

Tuesday, 07/01/2014

Reality Mobile Launches RealityVision in the Cloud - Free Edition


Friday, 01/24/2014

ASTRO SOLUTIONS Acquires Reality Mobile Technology

ASTRO Solutions, an ASTRO Systems Group company, completed the acquisition of all the Intellectual Property and Technology of Reality Mobile, including the patents and ownership of their flagship software product called RealityVision®. ASTRO Solutions now provides ongoing support, sales and
Monday, 07/08/2013

Cisco’s IOT Connected Safety and Security applications at Cisco Live

Innovative Cisco’s IOT applications for Connected Safety and Security were showcased at the Cisco Live IOT Pavilion, Booth #1558, demonstrating Cisco’s IOT end to end portfolio capabilities and application benefits enabled by connecting the unconnected.

Tuesday, 09/18/2012

Undercover police used smartphones to keep tabs on protests in Tampa

A network that allowed undercover police to use smartphones and tablets to monitor and communicate during protests at the Republican National Convention is giving new meaning to having “eyes on the ground.”

Police have long maintained an undercover presence at major gatherings,

Tuesday, 09/18/2012

Public-safety network gets trial run at Republican convention

For the telecom world, the biggest lesson of the GOP convention wasn’t political — it was that a nationwide interoperable broadband network could actually work.

The convention in Tampa, Fla., marked the first time law enforcement personnel were able to use the type of system

Tuesday, 09/18/2012

First Multivendor LTE System Used During RNC in Florida

Officers from St. Petersburg Police Department and Tampa Police Department in Florida used commercial off the shelf (COTS) mobile devices over a band 14 public-safety broadband network to stream live video in real time to command centers and to access the police two-way voice systems during the

Tuesday, 09/18/2012

Multiple vendors deploy public-safety LTE for Republican National Convention

Law-enforcement agencies in the Tampa Bay, Fla., area used a private, multi-vendor 700 MHz LTE network to share video, voice and data communications via smart devices during the Republican National Convention last month.