US Patent No. 8,041,829 Awarded to Reality Mobile
US Patent No. 8,041,829 Awarded to Reality Mobile

US Patent No. 8,041,829 Awarded to Reality Mobile

Issued on October 18, 2011, this patent award relates to mobile peer-to-peer communications. The award focuses on the ability of a mobile user to define one or more portions of the device display and to proactively stream the contents in real-time to other remote users without any intervention on their part. The streaming feed can comprise video, audio, position data and other metadata.

This patented process is a core component of the company’s RealityVision® enterprise mobile collaboration software platform. Among other benefits, the patented technology provides a very easy way to share complex data being rendered on a device screen—SCADA data, 3D modeling, schematics, diagrams and much more—without any need for any integration with back-end systems.

For illustrative purposes, we have included below two hypothetical use cases showing how this patented process can further real-time communications.  

In the first use case, a field worker is attempting to fix a time-sensitive mechanical issue and needs assistance in diagnosing a specific problem that he has not encountered previously. A remote supervisor is trying to help but would like to see first-hand what is happening in the field. This is a classic enterprise challenge:  dispersed personnel relying on partial information and verbal descriptions of the problem. Our patented processes can level the playing field. As illustrated below, in the ruggedized laptop on the left side, the supervisor is viewing an incoming video feed from the field showing the specific problem and, after researching the problem from his laptop, is able to simultaneously stream schematics back to the field worker to guide the repair process. The tablet illustrated to the right shows the incoming stream from the supervisor’s laptop. Both individuals are now seeing the entire problem and the solution at the same time.

Figure 1


In the second use case, a military aircraft is tracking potential targets in the air and on the ground.  As illustrated on the mobile device, remote personnel on the ground are able to see in real-time exactly what is being displayed in the aircraft, allowing the relevant individuals to help inform the decision-making process.

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