Event Disaster & Response
Event Disaster & Response

Event Disaster & Response

When a spill occurs, time is of the essence. There are human safety and environmental issues that need to be addressed quickly. The longer it takes for a unified and informed response, the more costly and dangerous it can be for all parties involved.

Historically, a major bottleneck in response is the time involved in getting information from those in the field to the command centers and other corporate resources that coordinate the response.


When a spill occurs, multiple assets are immediately dispatched to the scene. First responders communicate via radio or phone back to a command center what they are witnessing in the field and their geographic location.

Much of the initial feedback and information provided to command center personnel, crisis management response teams and executive management is based on first-hand, eyewitness descriptions of the event as it unfolds or even from news media outlets like CNN.


Implement a solution that streamlines the communications process between field personnel, operations center and senior management. Any critical information you can see in the field or on a PC screen would be shared instantly and securely with everyone who needs to see it.


With RealityVision, a spill response is based upon the most current and accurate information.When equipped with RealityVision® , assets in the air or on the water can provide the response operation with real-time information about the spill.

Operations management see, in real-time, what responders see in the field so that a complete view of the spill is quickly assembled from multiple visual perspectives. These perspectives are geo-located so the extent of the spill is easily understood.

Both the visual and geographical extent of the spill will change over time; these changes can be seen as they occur so that the operations center always has the most up-to-date information. All images and data is stored on the RealityVision server for future reference and review.

Real-time information is available in the operations center and it can be fed out to responders on the scene so they can better understand the other perspectives of the spill. Information can also be sent to offsite spill response experts or other corporate personnel who need to understand the extent of the spill and other issues as they are occurring.

Value Delivered:

With RealityVision, a spill response is based upon the most current and accurate information.

  • Decisions are made on the spot. Vital missing information is shared with central operations and other team members, anywhere in the world in real-time
  • Managers and spill response experts see what the responders see (and vice-versa) to help ensure the right decisions are made the first time
  • All team members are instantly brought to the same level of understanding
  • Operators save time, money and valuable resources while improving overall safety