RealityVision® Automation Gateway
RealityVision® Automation Gateway

RealityVision® Automation Gateway

Industry and government organizations rely on sensors to manage key operations and processes, including security, intrusion detection, SCADA systems and other industrial controls, and many other applications. The RealityVision Gateway allows enterprise users to collectively visualize high-value assets and share data with colleagues anywhere in the world.

The Gateway extends existing sensor notifications systems by enabling event information from sensors to be communicated directly to RealityVision users on their mobile devices at the time the trigger is activated. The Gateway is another example of the company’s commitment to translating important information, in real-time, into visual data that organizations can immediately use and leverage.


The Gateway leverages the full RealityVision enterprise functionality, so that all visual information created through the gateway is delivered securely to remote users, archived for forensic purposes, and available for immediate redistribution and analysis within the enterprise. Interested parties are encouraged to complete the Beta Program Request Form.

For example, an array of sensors may be monitoring condition information, such as temperature, vibration, humidity, radiation levels or leak detection. That information can be augmented with additional real-time data, including video from IP cameras located near the scene. By leveraging RealityVision’s existing Screencasting capability, sensor data being rendered on a PC screen within an enterprise control room can also be shared automatically as a live visual stream, allowing remote employees and control center operators to visualize the relevant information at the same time.

By way of brief illustration, we have included two sample use cases below. We would be happy to discuss potential applications and uses of the RealityVision Automation Gateway in more detail - simply complete an Information Request Form and a member of our product team will contact you.

Use Case Example 1:

Federal agents are concerned that an extremist group might attempt to plant radioactive devices at an important public event, with a global audience.

As part of their security and surveillance efforts, agents stage RID 2 radiation sensors at key entry points around the venue and perimeter. IP surveillance cameras are also located at each sensor point.

If a sensor is tripped, the Command Center agents covering the venue and other key government agencies monitoring the event (including the nearby National Lab) want to immediately receive some or all of the available information so that decisions and responses can be informed and decisive:

  • Which sensor was tripped
  • GPS location of sensor
  • Agents in the area
  • Sensor tripped due to Alpha or Gamma reading?
  • Graphic image of radiation spike
  • Real time feed from available, co-located IP cameras

Use Case Example 2:

During a reservoir test at a development well in remote Eastern Europe, a downhole pressure gauge reports unusually high readings, triggering a sensor notification. The remote site is currently staffed with only junior operators who lack the experience or expertise to respond to the situation.

Leveraging the RealityVision Sensor Gateway, the sensor and pressure readings, along with additional real time visual data regarding the well environment and reservoir are shared with operations centers in Aberdeen, Scotland and Houston, Texas as well as with remote experts currently on the ground in Anchorage, Alaska, and Louisiana.

Equipped with real time streaming data and other relevant information, decisions can be made quickly regarding the status of well operations and deployed resources.