Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Each organization has very particular equipment and netwrok requirements.  Reality Mobile is prepared to work with our clients to provide specialized equipment that can be integrated with the RealityVision® software.  Turn-key or key element support, Reality Mobile is your source for reduced cost of operations, improved communications, efficient and secure knowledge transfer while protecting your most critical operations.

Reality Mobile has designed, fabricated, tested and delivered custom solutions such as:

- RealityVision® Server Fly Away Kits

- RealityVision® Satellite/Wi-Fi Fly Away Kits

- RealityVision® Smartphones with Extended Batteries Kits for rapid deployment

- Knapsack Surveillance Kits

- Mobile Surveillance Kit


Custom Fly-Away kits can be designed for various emergency response team requirements.  These kits include mobile devices with the InSight client pre-installed, laptops with InSight PC Client, and communications equipment such as Wi-Fi routers and portable satellite terminals.

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