RealityVision® Analytics 1.0™ (Public Beta)
RealityVision® Analytics 1.0™ (Public Beta)

RealityVision® Analytics 1.0 (Public Beta)

The RealityVision® software platform empowers mobile users to collaborate with each other in real-time in a highly visual way.   It is optimized to store user activity states, location information and other metadata for thousands of users simultaneously and to report the current status of each user in real-time. 

We are pleased to introduce an entirely new dimension to the platform, a patent-pending analytics engine that makes it much easier to retrieve and visualize all the rich metadata being created by RealityVision users.  Analytics operators are presented with the context in which to evaluate and understand when actions occurred and to share what they find with each other to further the collaborative process.

Key elements of RealityVision Analytics include:

  • A robust search engine to locate user activity by location, date/time, the personnel involved or key words in user comments associated with archived video feeds

  • Two easily digestible views of the same data:
  • A business card view summarizing a user’s activity across multiple different attributes, or types, of interaction:

  • By video content, chronlogically ordered, to easliey see what was transmitted through the system:


  • A rich set of interactive filters to instantly refine data results
  • The ability to review the visual content a user captured or viewed while signed on
  • Clear visualization of the location of selected users over time and where they were when executing specific actions, such as initiating a video feed or watching a feed created by another source.

RealityVision Analytics is an entirely new offering for us.  We want to make this every bit as user-friendly as the RealityVision system you have become accustomed to.  As such we look forward to hearing your feedback as you work with it in the days to come.

To request more detailed information about RealityVision Analytics 1.0, please complete the form found here.