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Imagine how much more productive you and your teams could be if you could be in ten places at once? How about 100 locations or even 1,000? Imagine too if you were able to locate any member of your remote team and see what they are seeing in real time?

Now, what if everyone on your team could now simultaneously view and collaborate about critical information appearing on a computer screen back at headquarters or a live event in a remote location? Imagine the whole new world of possibilities created by a real-time mobile collaboration: RealityVision®.

With RealityVision 3.3 organizations can share mapping resources and critical information privately with their dispersed employees and customize the experience based on operational requirements.  The mapping engine lets the customer control which map they want to appear across their user base, gives everyone a common visual reference point.

RealityVision transforms equipment you may already own — smart phones, laptops, digital cameras and sensors — into a powerful mobile video communications and collaboration network.

Example User Interface on iPhone

This revolutionary platform runs on off-the-shelf commercial hardware and your existing infrastructure. RealityVision works with virtually any wireless network — including cellular, tactical wireless and satellite systems. Endlessly expandable, and compatible with low-and-high-bandwidth networks, RealityVision scales easily as you grow and your needs change. Our patented technology and leading edge engineering team ensures you that as new hardware innovations become available, RealityVision is positioned to make the most of them.


Defining the Mobile Edge


Although focusing on service and radio providers, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) recognized the emergence of Mobile-edge Computing  (MEC).

The worlds of IT and Telecommunications Networking are converging bringing with them new possibilities and capabilities that can be deployed into the network. A key transformation has been the ability to run IT based servers at network edge, applying the concepts of cloud computing. We define this as Mobile -edge Computing.

Mobile-edge Computing (MEC) allows content, services and applications to be accelerated, increasing responsiveness from the edge. The mobile subscriber’s experience can be enriched through efficient network and service operations, based on insight into the radio and network conditions. MEC can be seen as a cloud server running at the edge of a mobile network and performing specific tasks that could not be achieved with traditional network infrastructure. Machine-to-Machine gateway and control functions are one example, but there are many others.

For application developers and content providers, the Radio Access Network (RAN) edge offers a service environment with ultra-low latency and high-bandwidth as well as direct access to real-time radio network information (such as subscriber location, cell load, etc.) that can be used by applications and services to offer context-related services; these services are capable of differentiating the mobile broadband experience.

Excerpts from Mobile-Edge Computing – Introductory Technical White Paper, September 2014. For further details download the complete White Paper from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

Introducing RealityVision® 3.3

At Reality Mobile, our focus is on enabling real-time collaboration and real-world decision making while meeting  industry needs for strict security, rigorous manageability and simultaneous information flows in multiple directions—often ad hoc and in emergency situations.   

To accomplish that, the RealityVision platform was built on a principle of mobile visual collaboration:  incorporate several different visual sources and allow each enterprise to securely share the sources it wants to share with authorized users.

Our latest release furthers a seamless visual and audio experience by incorporating additional mapping resources that historically, have been trapped behind the corporate firewall.

At the heart of the system is a RealityVision server, which you can deploy safely behind your firewall. Right out of the box, this software platform can secure all communications — including streaming video — with the same SSL encryption used by major financial institutions. It even works within your existing VPN framework, including FIPS 140-2 compliant solutions. Installation and configuration are simple.  You can be up and running in just a few hours.

Once the system is in place, a new world of possibilities awaits you. Corporate and government entities often use terms, such as “situational awareness” and “assembling a common operating picture,” to express how complicated real-time operational decision-making can be. RealityVision enables users to share critical video data, collaborate in real-time, and make well-informed decisions in the field.

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