RealityVision® - The Power of Dynamic Collaboration
RealityVision® - The Power of Dynamic Collaboration

RealityVision® - The Power of Dynamic Collaboration


Mobile Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing for Android and Apple iOS Users

At Reality Mobile®, we’re committed to providing enterprise customers with open, flexible options for their mobile video and collaboration requirements. As more users migrate to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, etc.), our patented technologies extend users’ ability to share rich media and other information in real-time.

RealityVision  leverages revolutionary, patented processes and peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to give Android and iOS users the ability to share video feeds they are watching or transmitting to other authorized users, along with all associated metadata (location-based information, contextual data) for enhanced context. Using RV, a mobile user can proactively share video in real-time with any connected mobile user or groups of users. Likewise, the technology allows the user to view a live stream from a remote source without the remote user needing to take any action.

RealityVision in Action: The Power of Dynamic Collaboration

Picture a maintenance worker doing a field inspection who encounters malfunctioning equipment. Knowing similar failures have occurred recently, he begins streaming video of the situation using his RealityVision-equipped smartphone.

To make sure the right people see the problem, the worker clicks the “Share” button and selects which authorized users he wants to receive his streaming video. In this case, he shares the video with his supervisor a half mile away, as well as with subject matter experts and engineers at headquarters. These users receive a notification that their coworker is sharing video and see his explanatory message. While viewing the video, the engineers identify the problem and a solution. Using RealityVision Screencast, they quickly share relevant schematics and repair instructions with the field worker, his supervisor and another team member nearby who can assist.

Thanks to RealityVision, a potentially costly problem is managed quickly and efficiently in a fraction of the time — and at much less expense — than previously required.

RealityVision is an enterprise mobile collaboration software platform that extends real-time situational awareness by delivering mission and business critical information to and from the mobile edge, over COTS hardware and existing infrastructure. Among its many new benefits, RealityVision empowers mobile users to create and share content with each other in dynamic ways — creating a new category of mobile content and the ability to enhance it with location-based information and other data.

Mobile Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing

US Patent No. 7,949,730 was awarded to Reality Mobile on May 24, 2011, focusing on mobile P2P communications. This patent covers several integrated functionalities. Learn more about our patented processes here.

A user on an Android or iOS powered smartphone or tablet can send a video feed they are currently watching or transmitting (such as live feeds from a smartphone, IP camera or other RealityVision visual source, including Screencasts) to other authorized users with a contextual message.

While watching or transmitting video from a supported device, the RealityVision user will be able to select authorized users to receive a notification, add context to the notification and send it with an uninterrupted video transmission. The recipient can then share that feed with others in real-time.                         

When users pause a live feed (such as live video or embedded Screencast), prior to sharing they will have the option of sharing the feed starting either at the paused frame or as a live feed in real time. Similarly, when sharing a paused, archived feed or embedded Screencast, the user sharing the feed will have the option of connecting users starting at the paused frame or at the beginning of the session.

Extended Feature Set for iPad Users

RealityVision iPad users have an enhanced user experience by seeing the first features of a “light” version of the RealityVision management console migrated to a tablet. All live RealityVision user positions and activities are viewable from the main map of the iPad. This context is also presented in the side map of any video feed with location-based information.

Expanded Command History

The “Command History” within the user application has been expanded to track all Inbound (Inbox) and Outbound (Outbox) activity. The Inbox lists all commands received by the user. The “Outbox” will list all shared video requests the user has sent. Selecting any entry will play the video sent/received through the system, and give the viewer the option to share the content with others.