Industrial Applications
Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

RealityVision® streamlines the communications process between field personnel, plant and machine operators, subject matter experts, operations centers and management to provide a highly mobile collaboration platform to address critical operational issues.

The RealityVision platform was built on a principle of mobile video collaboration: incorporate several different visual sources and allow each enterprise to easily tailor the sources it wants to share with authorized users. 

Built on industry-standard infrastructure and operable on wireless networks including cellular, tactical wireless and satellite, RealityVision allows industry users to collectively visualize high-value assets and share data with colleagues anywhere in the world. The system has been designed to maximize performance across a wide range of commercial hardware and to position the enterprise for future hardware innovations.  

RealityVision brings a full-featured, real-time video and data platform to mobile devices, opening up new remote collaboration, support, monitoring and safety possibilities. With robust features, GPS tracking and real-time video sharing, RealityVision is the most flexible and powerful mobile communications, collaboration and monitoring tool available.

- Solve Problems Faster

- Provide Seamless Communication

- Enhance Best Practices 


More Efficient Use of Resources 

By allowing geographically dispersed personnel to collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SME) from a distance.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

Build a library of field experience for training purposes in a form easily transferred across the organization.

Root Cause Analysis 

Supported by video and screen capture - Can share with OEM Suppliers of Field Equipment to improve design.

Regulatory Compliance

Evidence of having done proper safety and operating procedures and maintenance via captured video.