Sea and Airport Security
Sea and Airport Security

Sea and Airport Security

A Powerful, Flexible Security Platform

Securing sea and airport environments are among our nation’s toughest challenges. These facilities have multiple points of vulnerability, large footprints, and ever changing conditions.

The RealityVision® mobile video communications and collaboration platform is ideally suited to large sea and airport facilities, where threats can develop quickly and without warning.

Highly mobile and flexible, RealityVision provides the real-time intelligence your facility needs to respond quickly and accurately to developing situations.

Here are just some of the ways that the Port of Los Angeles and others use RealityVision to enhance their operations:

  • Immediate Emergency Response - When an accident or emergency occurs, RealityVision allows field personnel to communicate with management, another field team member, or the team as a whole. Live video can be streamed along with GPS coordinates, enabling support personnel to respond on the fly.
  • Extending Network Camera Access - Your existing network camera infrastructure becomes much more powerful when your operations center can dynamically share any feed with any authorized personnel in real-time.
  • Remote Assistance - When an emergency first responder is unsure how to handle a situation, RealityVision can provide live video of the situation so that experts can  provide assistance and instructions from a remote location.
  • Security Regulations Compliance - RealityVision’s combination of GPS tracking, data sharing, team communications and streaming video gives security teams the tools they need to meet increasingly stringent security regulations.
  • Security Manpower - Port security forces rarely have the manpower they need to actively patrol all areas at all times. RealityVision acts as a “force multiplier,” allowing an individual to use virtually any camera source to stream live images from any location within the facility back to the operation center for immediate analysis and redistribution.
  • Maintenance - Diagnose and solve problems remotely with RealityVision’s ability to stream live video feeds to widely dispersed personnel. Experts no longer have to be on location to see and troubleshoot problems.

To learn more about RealityVision and how the system works and can be deployed, visit our Products page.