Railroads and Transportation
Railroads and Transportation

Railroads and Transportation

Enhanced Preparedness and Response

For personnel responsible for supporting transportation, security operations and emergency response, RealityVision® offers a new level of remote support, monitoring and real-time communications tools. Highly flexible and mobile, this platform can be deployed anywhere, anytime.

RealityVision is currently in use by one of North America’s leading railroad companies. Here are some of the ways in which that company, and other transportation providers, uses RealityVision every day:

  • Offsite Maintenance and Repair - When equipment fails in the field, time is of the essence. RealityVision can help you diagnose problems remotely so that maintenance personnel are dispatched with the right parts and tools — the first time.
  • Real-time GPS Logistics - RealityVision’s GPS tools allow companies to track vehicles, fielded employees,  equipment, and assets at any given moment.
  • Remediation of Accidents - Send immediate information, including first-on-the-scene video, to incident/HAZMAT response teams.
  • Live Video Versus DVR - Existing IP video cameras record to a DVR (which can be reviewed only after the fact). RealityVision can relay data and video to the operations center and others in real time.
  • Incident Management - When an incident occurs, management teams are often dispersed across many locations, hampering a coordinated response. RealityVision gives managers, wherever they may be, a robust communications platform and full access to live data.
  • Security - When situational awareness is critical — for instance, when monitoring railroad yards for suspicious activity or containers — RealityVision provides the most flexible tools available. Monitor video from fixed or mobile network cameras, from mobile devices and other cameras carried by security personnel and from improvised video feeds.
  • HAZMAT transportation - When hazardous materials need to be transported on overland roads, by rail, or sea it is essential that the materials and the personnel transporting them be monitored throughout the journey to ensure the safety of personnel and the general public. RealityVision provides a reliable and unobtrusive solution to HAZMAT monitoring by recording and archiving video footage of HAZMAT sites. Workers and supervisors can immediately communicate route changes and other critical data to while on the road or sea from anywhere in the world.

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