Remote Maintenance
Remote Maintenance

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Reduced down-time and travel costs

When you have breakdown of complex equipment deployed in remote areas RealityVision® provides an excellent tool to share the knowledge of remote Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with the people responsible for the operation and maintenance of such equipment. This shortens the amount of time that equipment is out of service and reduces the costs –otherwise incurred- in bringing the SMEs to the location where the equipment is located.

With RealityVision your field personnel can share with the SMEs video of the affected part of the equipment, and the SMEs can provide remote guidance as to how to correct the problem and if a part needs to be replaced, they know exactly which part to send.

The maintenance personnel can also share with other users in other locations where the same equipment may be in use to alert as to a probable cause for the breakdown.

In the Utilities sector, in areas affected by storms or other disturbances, when the people at the site can send images or video of the affected areas (pipes, towers, transformers, etc.) the maintenance personnel know exactly which tools, equipment and parts to send for repair; avoiding unnecessary trips and shortening the downtime.


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