Power Generation and Distribution
Power Generation and Distribution

Power Generation and Distribution

Improved Remote Facility and Personnel Management

Power generation and distribution companies rely on RealityVision® to improve day-to-day support for remote maintenance and operations, surveillance, personnel tracking and damage assessment, as well as other business critical operations.

  • Damage Assessment - As fielded operators and teams arrive on scene, they can stream real-time, GPS-tagged video of damage directly to the operations center using virtually any camera source.  Real-time visual data from the scene can mean a faster, more accurate response.
  • Employee and Customer Safety - When an incident or emergency occurs, an employee can push a single button to trigger an immediate alert at the operations center.  Depending on the user’s device, the alert will automatically cause the cell phone to stream its GPS coordinates and send live video or request a hands-free phone call to a defined phone number at the operations center or elsewhere.
  • Incident Management - As operation center supervisors assess a remote situation, they can push critical information—such as maps, schematics, 3-D renderings and environmental data—directly and securely to the response teams without any intervention on their part.
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention - Temporary wired or wireless network cameras can easily be added to the system to transmit live video to the operations center when valuable equipment or resources are at risk. GPS time stamps and video can efficiently document theft and fraud.
  • Tracking Field Personnel - When an urgent situation arises, it is critical to know where your personnel are at all times. GPS tracking and instant two-way communications make this possible.

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