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Reality Mobile in the News

Reality Mobile in the News

Wednesday, 08/10/2011

Smartphones for the Battlefield

Sagar Meghani

The Army says smartphones could be a useful battle tool, and it's testing them before deciding whether to start issuing them in large numbers to soldiers in the field.

Wednesday, 06/29/2011

Underwater Eyes - Systems Detect and Deter Underwater Threats

Henry Canaday, SOTECH Correspondent

Detection of underwater threats such as swimmers, mines and mini-submarines is receiving increased attention, and a number of U.S. and foreign companies offer systems to do the job. Sonar is the most common technique for detection, but it may have to be

Friday, 05/20/2011

Smartphones-for-Soldiers Campaign Hits Wall as Army Experiences Growing Pains

Sandra I. Erwin

“A smartphone for every soldier” may be a clever slogan. But trying to turn it into reality is becoming an uphill battle for the U.S. Army.

It’s not that the Army doesn’t have the money. With a $10 billion a year information-technology budget, it buys loads of gizmos.

Monday, 05/02/2011

New Methods, Missions for Police Video

J.J Smith

Providing officers on patrol with the ability to send and receive video information; record evidence; and be protected from false complaints, are the functions of video on patrol, say the manufacturers, and providers of those video products.

However, there is some

Friday, 03/04/2011

Death to the desk phone: The trusty PBX system is fast becoming a relic

Dan Rowinski

A police officer on a motorcycle is patrolling the Port of Los Angeles, a 43-square-mile area of coastline and the busiest harbor in the United States. Suddenly, he hears a loud explosion behind him. He reels around to see an airplane has crashed into the marina. In seconds,

Friday, 02/18/2011

Reality Mobile – Expanding mobile technology’s frontiers

Virgina (US) company Reality Mobile has been developing a solution to these issues since its creation in 2003. Originally conceived for security applications within the federal government, Reality Mobile’s software platform enables instant collaborative problem solving. Once installed, users can

Tuesday, 10/19/2010

Port of L.A. calls for improved communication structure

Leischen Stelter

Rather than follow hierarchical communication methods, we ensure that all stakeholders have immediate access to raw data

Collecting and managing information at the busiest container ports in the world and disseminating that information to all the critical

Thursday, 10/14/2010

Rugged tools put video in warfighters' hands

Sean Gallagher

Live video is one of the most sought after intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets on the battlefield. The ability to deliver real-time ISR information, such as streaming video from an unmanned aerial system, into the hands of those on the front lines gives

Thursday, 09/30/2010

The Port of Los Angeles named the 2010 STE Innovation Award gold medalist.

The Port of Los Angeles, located in San Pedro Bay, is Southern California's gateway to international commerce. Just 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, this booming seaport is the nation's largest container port and is also known for its groundbreaking environmental initiatives, progressive

Thursday, 07/15/2010

Mobile visual collaboration allows instant connection for improved efficiency

Connecting disparate experts, offices, and projects is increasingly critical to successful oilfield operations. Reality Mobile is introducing a new oilfield solution that allows any number of employees and contractors around the globe to collaborate instantly, diagnosing and responding to