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Tue, 08/12/2014

Reality Mobile privately held – is pleased to announce the release of RealityVision which allows the sharing of video, mission critical data and GPS tracking through commercially available hardware, smart phones, tablets, PCs, cameras, and virtually any system (including cellular, tactical, Wi-Fi and satellite networks) currently being used for mobile communication, anywhere in the world. Any critical information seen in the field or on a PC screen including UAV or drone feeds in a Network Operations Center- can be shared instantly and securely with everyone who needs to see it.

We are very pleased to be represented in Mexico by TSN (Telecomunicaciones y Servicios del Norte), and to be part of the state-of-the art technologies that TSN offers its government and commercial clients.” said Philippe Kuperman, SVP Sales and Marketing of Reality Mobile.

Among other updates, RealityVision 3.3 release includes:

a) A bundled Push-To-Talk (PTT) option for Android and iOS users supporting a seamless visual and audio experience among them’

b) A new “Find” feature for iPad users to quickly identify any mapped user or video source;

c) A new Viewer Configuration Panel for Android and iOS users providing enhanced viewing options when watching a video source.

Eduardo Vazquez, Founder and CEO of TSN said “I was impressed from the very first day I saw this technology and we have incorporated it in our most sensitive Mobile Command Vehicles and Units now in use in Mexico. RealityVision extends the capabilities of all other video systems to be available to personnel in the field as well as share video transmitted from the field to other authorized users.”

About Reality Mobile

Founded in 2003, buy adipex paypal
is expanding the frontiers of enterprise mobile technology by giving users access to video, data, sensors and expertise throughout their organization and around the world at the push of a button. With a focus on meeting the enterprise need for strict security, rigorous manageability, collaboration and real-time decision making, RealityVision allows organizations to simultaneously share multiple information flows in an instant.

About TSN

phentermine online from mexico is a 100% Mexican Enterprise with over 25 years’ experience in the areas of Security and Telecom sectors. It is a System Integrator  specializing in infrastructure systems and the construction of Mobile command vehicles for the áreas of Civil Defense, Health and Infrastruture Protection.