Mobile Video Collaboration

Mon, 12/19/2011

RealityVision is real-time mobile video collaboration software from Reality Mobile. The tool enables troubleshooting operational; production; health, safety, and environmental; and other issues as they occur. Located behind a company’s firewall, a secure organization-specific network is created over which employees can transmit data, video, and other visual information securely.

The platform operates over existing communications channels (including cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite) and leverages commercially available devices including PCs, laptops, ruggedized mobile computing devices, Internet-protocol cameras, tablets, and smartphones.

Multiple users, anywhere in the world, can share real-time video and critical visual data instantly, including commands and key contextual information. Additionally, any image and/or visual data rendered on a PC screen or management console (including surface-control-and-data-acquisition information, 3D models, schematics, and diagrams) can be shared with all relevant team members as a real-time video image. For additional information visit