Remote Drilling & Operations
Remote Drilling & Operations

Remote Drilling & Operations

Time, money and above all, safety are critical elements when dealing with remote production and drilling operations. It can be an expensive and time-consuming challenge. Thousands of wells are located around the world, often in hard to reach locations. Experts cannot physically be everywhere they are needed 100 percent of the time.


An operator had an onshore drilling rig operating in a new venture exploration project in Eastern Europe. The well was a success and they were to begin completion activities.

Numerous potential hazards were expected while completing this wildcat well. When coupled with the fact that the drilling team included several junior staff, and limited local expertise, corporate consultants wanted to ensure the lowest risk of well failure, access to needed resources and optimized performance.


Implement a solution that allows the operator to better leverage remote resources needed to insure well efficiency, productivity and safety – without delays, expensive travel and other resource diversions.


To supplement daily phone and email communications between the rig and operations management, the operator deployed RealityVision® to provide real-time video communications between the rig and expert advisors located at multiple locations in the USA.

Using RealityVision, those in the field, and the expert resource team supporting them, could view live video and streaming data from any of the IP enabled camera sources, smart phones and laptops and share critical detail in real-time with those best suited to address the need – wherever they were located.

Value Delivered:

During the completion, the onsite team found that the well tests were not performing as expected. The onsite engineer used RealityVision to stream real-time video of the well test results. Experts at the operator’s Houston location were able to view the video in real-time and identified an alternate solution to the planned completion that enabled the well to obtain better performance - saving time and money.